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Collection: Application Instructions

DTF Heat Transfer Application Instructions

*Temperature settings 315°-325°F  (Please note temps do vary)

*Pre-press product for 5 seconds, medium to heavy pressure

*Press product for 10-15 sec. (Please note times do vary)

*Allow product to cool, then peel back transfer.

*We recommend a post-press using parchment paper or teflon for 3 sec.

**Transfer can be applied to: 100% cotton, Cotton/Poly blends, 100% polyester, Tri blends

**We are not responsible for damaged designs due to improper placement! 

UV DTF Transfer Application Instructions

1. Wipe glass if dusty (Avoid using alcohol)

2. Squeegee back and front of transfer

3. Test out placement

4. Peel off back sheet

5. Place the transfer on the cup ensuring design is positioned correctly. Once wrap is applied to the cup it will not come off! The adhesive is permanent!

6. Press the transfer down firmly, working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles with a squeegee and fingers. Apply lots of pressure!!!

7. Peel off clear film, it's that easy!

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